Hi, I’m Michael Stein. I work as a freelance consultant and coach to nonprofits, foundations and other civic organizations with a focus on digital engagement, product marketing, online fundraising, social media presence, email messaging, and website usability.

Digital Engagement Strategy

Digital opportunity audits. Website usability reviews. List acquisition.

Campaign Development

Development of year-round campaigns for targeted communications and stakeholder engagement.

Online Fundraising

Online fundraising campaign planning and management. Donation page development, testing and optimization.

Recent Blog Posts

Nonprofit Fundraising in the Age of Uncertainty

Now is a good time to reach back to what we’ve learned with past crises, while also adapting to our newer challenges. The bottom line is that your donor community cares about your mission and can be an active partner through this time of uncertainty. Here are five ways that nonprofit fundraisers can survive these tough times and emerge with positive approaches to donor engagement and fundraising.

How to Build and Sustain a Successful Monthly Giving Program

Monthly giving is the fastest growing segment of digital fundraising, offering benefits for both donors and nonprofits. Nonprofits can rely on monthly giving for consistent revenue to the organization. Plus, monthly donors are more likely to donate larger total gifts and to give over a longer time period. Smaller monthly amounts are a good entry point for donors, and donors can feel like they are providing support throughout the entire year.