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Nonprofit Fundraising in the Age of Uncertainty

Now is a good time to reach back to what we’ve learned with past crises, while also adapting to our newer challenges. The bottom line is that your donor community cares about your mission and can be an active partner through this time of uncertainty. Here are five ways that nonprofit fundraisers can survive these tough times and emerge with positive approaches to donor engagement and fundraising.

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Solving the riddle of donor fatigue for nonprofit organizations

For nonprofit fundraisers, donor fatigue and donor retention are some of the biggest challenges we face. The reality is that donor retention has been terrible for decades among U.S. nonprofits, but direct response managers are focusing on how to address it. This article explores factors that have exacerbated the issue of falling donor retention over the past few years.

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Grow Your Email List Without Spending Money

Growing the size of your email list is an important strategic goal for your nonprofit’s marketing, communications, and fundraising programs. There are several effective free techniques to grow your email list using the current digital assets and online properties your organization already has. So before you spend money to rent email lists, distribute an email offer through a media platform, or work with a paid co-registration service, read my article.

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